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Maps of Europe

A curated selection of maps depicting various countries, regions, and cities of Europe produced between the 16th and 19th centuries. Included are maps of Italy and France by great Age of Exploration cartographers such as Joan Blaeu, Jan Janssonius, and and Gerardus Mercator, as well as later maps of the Netherlands by Joachim Ottens and his sons. The collection also includes some 1600 individual maps extracted from Victor Levasseur’s 19th-century magnum opus, the Atlas National Illustré des 86 Départements et des Possessions de la France, particularly notable for their engraved borders.

The specic maps listed here are constantly changing as we sell and acquire new material, so please check back often and contact us if you’re interested in a title you do not currently see on this page.
Price: $185.00
Price: $375.00
Mercator, Gerardus
Price: $400.00
Blaeu, Willem Janzsoon
Price: $1,125.00
Chalmandrier, Nicolas
Price: $560.00
Blaeu, Joan
Price: $375.00
Blaeu. William; Blaeu, Johannes
Price: $300.00
Albrizzi, Giambattista
Jordan, J.B. [compiler]; Whitaker, W. [surveyor]
Price: $187.50
Blaeu, W.
Price: $300.00
Creighton, R; Walker, J&C
Price: $250.00
Anonymous; [Kitchin, Thomas]; [Richard Baldwin]; [The London Magazine]
Janssonii, Joannis
Price: $200.00
Robert de Vaugondy, Gilles
Price: $400.00
Ottens, Joachimo
Price: $250.00