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Infectious Diseases

A collection of literature and scientific research pertaining to various infectious diseases, epidemics, and pandemics throughout the ages. Notable works include early editions of the works of Benjamin Rush, a first edition of A New Theory of Consumptions by Benjamin Marten, an inscribed third edition of The Cause and Prevention of Yellow Fever at New Orleans and Other Cities in America by E. H. Barton, and a later edition of A Treatise on a Consumption of the Lungs by Edward Barry.

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Morton, Richardi, M.D. (1637-1698). With contributions by Harris, Gualtero, M.D. (1647-1732); Cole, Giulielmi, M.D. (1635-1716); Lister, Martini, M.D. (1639-1712); Sydenham, Thomae, M.D. (1624-1689)
Price: $2,200.00
Hunter, John
Price: $500.00
Laennec, R. T. H. [Author]; Forbes, John [Translator]; Fisher, John D. [Notes Translator]
Price: $500.00