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A collection of law reporters and trial reports, primarily from the United States and England, including first editions and early editions. Notable publications include a first edition of Report of the Decision…in the Case of Dred Scott Versus John F. A. Sandford by Benjamin C. Howard, a first edition of The Speeches at Full Length of Mr. Van Ness…on an Indictment for a Libel on Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States by Alexander Hamilton, William Peter Van Ness, and George Caines, and lastly a first edition of Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of Appeals of Virginia by Bushrod Washington.

The specific rare books listed here are constantly changing as we sell and acquire new material, so please check back often and contact us if you’re interested in a title you do not currently see on this page.
Hog, Roger, Sir [of Harcarse]
Price: $720.00
[Commonwealth of Pennsylvania]
Price: $500.00
Coke, Sir Edward; Worrall, John [Preface]
Price: $500.00